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As a reputable insurance broker in Hobart, RSM Tasmania has always been committed to safeguarding our clients’ homes and businesses.

We understand that unforeseen events can disrupt lives, which is why we strive to provide comprehensive coverage and expert advice to mitigate risks.

Today, we share a cautionary tale to highlight the importance of proper safety measures and insurance policies. While this story is a work of fiction, it has its base in real-life situations reported from around the world

Once upon a time, late on a Friday evening, Michael and Sarah, proud new owners of a bustling café in Hobart, closed their doors after a successful week. Michael, an avid E-scooter enthusiast, had recently started using his E-scooter for quick deliveries around town. He left the scooter charging in the garage connected to their café, where they also stored propane cylinders for their kitchen and a gas cylinder for their outdoor BBQ.

The couple had planned a weekend getaway, and after locking up and setting their alarms, they took off for a weekend at Cradle Mountain to enjoy the scenery and the peace and quiet, totally unaware that lithium-ion batteries, like the one in the scooter, were prone to overheating and can burst into flames.

In addition, when they bought the business, they were not totally aware of the rules and regulations governing the storage of gas cylinders and the charging of E-Scooters and were not told that the installation in their garage was not properly carried out.

By Sunday morning, the lithium battery had overheated and caught fire. The resulting inferno ignited the gas cylinders, leading to a catastrophic explosion that severely damaged their café and home.

When Michael and Sarah returned, they found their new business and home in ruins. But there was worse to come.

Their insurance claim was denied. The insurance company cited negligence, pointing out that the scooter’s battery had been improperly charged too close to flammable materials, which themselves required specific installation procedures to be in place.

At RSM Tasmania, we encounter similar cases all too often. Our role as your insurance broker is to ensure you understand potential risks and have the right coverage to protect against them. Here’s how we can help:

Risk Assessment and Advice

We will meet with you to discuss your property and business to identify potential hazards. In Michael and Sarah’s case, we would have advised against charging the scooter in the same area as the gas cylinders.

Comprehensive Coverage

We tailor insurance policies to cover a wide range of risks, including fire and explosion caused by lithium-ion batteries. Our goal is to ensure that even in the event of a mishap, you have the financial support needed to rebuild and recover.

Regulatory Compliance Guidance

We keep our clients informed about the latest safety regulations and best practices. For instance, proper storage guidelines for flammable materials and safe charging practices for e-scooters and other devices.

The story of Michael and Sarah underscores the critical need for comprehensive insurance and adherence to safety protocols.

At RSM Tasmania, we are committed to helping you understand these risks and ensuring you have the protection you need.

Don’t wait for an unforseen event to point out the importance of proper coverage.

Contact us today to review your insurance policies and receive expert advice on safeguarding your home and business.

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