Protect Your Business with Trade Credit Insurance

According to Christopher Joye at the Financial Review, with 1,131 businesses declared bankrupt in a single month we are experiencing the highest business bankruptcy rates in 25 years.

Securing your financial stability is now more critical than ever and one essential tool for Business Insurance in Tasmania is Trade Credit Insurance, helping to safeguard against potential losses from customer insolvency or payment defaults.

Why Trade Credit Insurance?

With the instances of customer non-payment dramatically increasing, Trade Credit Insurance mitigates this risk by covering the losses if your customers cannot pay their debts due to insolvency or other financial difficulties.

Benefits for Your Business

Cash Flow Protection: Ensures steady cash flow by covering unpaid invoices, enabling you to maintain operations smoothly.

Risk Management: Helps you manage and assess customer credit risk, allowing for more informed business decisions.

Growth Facilitation: With the security of insured receivables, you can confidently extend credit to new customers and expand into new markets.

Tailored Solutions from RSM Tasmania Insurance

At RSM Tasmania Insurance, we understand the unique challenges Australian businesses face. Our Trade Credit Insurance policies are tailored to fit your specific needs, offering comprehensive coverage and peace of mind in uncertain economic times.

Why Now?

Given the surge in bankruptcies, now is the perfect time to invest in Trade Credit Insurance.

Protect your business from the ripple effects of the current economic instability and ensure you can weather any financial storm.

For more information on how Trade Credit Insurance can benefit your business.

Talk to Roger Hosie from #RSMTasmania,Call Now! (03) 6244 7854, or email and let’s secure your future together.

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