April 25th in Australia is Anzac Day.

April 25th in Australia is Anzac Day. It is a Day full of meaning for Australians and many traditions go along with that, starting with the Dawn Service.

In our own ‘Australian’ way, many of us may also take part in a game of two-up, a game which can only be played legally outside of casinos on Anzac Day.

For those who are new to this term, two-up basically consists of tossing two coins in the air and gambling on how they will land. Will they have two heads showing, two tails or one of each?

Choosing the best way to get insurance for your business can be viewed in a similar way. Is it best to bet on using the services of an insurance broker or doing it yourself?

As a business owner, you could simply toss coins and let chance decide. ‘Heads’ for the broker ‘tails’ for doing it yourself, or get both and just be more confused. But, just as you could lose your hard-earned cash at two-up by making the wrong call, gambling on the wrong choice here could cost you a lot of money.

May The Odds be Ever in Your Favour

In March 2012, a Movie called The Hunger Games grossed 152 Million on its opening weekend.

Wouldn’t it be great if, just like the famous quote from the movie, the odds could always be in your favour when betting on the result of a two-up toss?

Even better, wouldn’t you like to take any gamble out of getting the best insurance cover for your business?

When it comes to choosing between DIY insurance and using a Broker, there is a simple way to ensure that the odds are ever in your favour.

Brokers understand insurance-speak. You are dealing with a person you can meet with and get to know, not a voice in a call centre. And more importantly, you have someone on your side when it comes time to make a claim, that understands the insurance industry in a way you never could.

Time Is On My Side

In 1964, a song with this title made it to number six on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart to register the first top-ten hit for the Rolling Stones in the US but, while it was on their side, it certainly isn’t on yours.

Running a small business takes time and lots of it. You certainly don’t have time to contact numerous insurance companies and draw up comparisons on their rates, what they cover and what they don’t and how difficult it might be to get money out of them in the event of a claim.

A Broker on the other hand already has all this information and can also cherry-pick the best insurance policies from a range of different insurance companies to provide exactly the cover you need for your specific business.

Insurance is a matter of assessing the risks and preventing loss. Do the same thing when you start out. The biggest risk for you is to try to do it yourself when you don’t speak the language or understand the rules.


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