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Business Insurance is not all about Workers’ Compensation or Liability. Some of you may well have an investment property that you wish to rent. RSM Tasmania is your Local Insurance Broker, and today we would like to talk about an issue that is not always front of mind for landlords… and it should be. Today our topic is Landlord Insurance.

Now, I imagine some of you sipping your tea or coffee as you read this and thinking, “Landlord Insurance? Surely that’s just an extra expense!” But bear with me a moment and we will unwrap this concept and find out if that hypothesis is correct.

First and foremost, what is landlord insurance? It’s not just any insurance; it’s a specialised coverage tailored for those who rent out properties. It’s a bit like a bespoke suit or dress – it fits the exact contours of your needs as a landlord.

But why is it essential, especially for new landlords?

Protection from Financial Loss

This is the primary reason, isn’t it? Life throws curveballs. Whether it’s an unexpected flood that ruins the beautiful hardwood floors or a tenant who decides to leave without paying the rent, landlord insurance can provide that safety net.

It ensures that you’re not left rummaging in your pockets to cover substantial unforeseen expenses.

Legal Liability

Let’s paint a picture. Imagine a tenant or their guest slips on a loose tile in the bathroom and gets injured. Without insurance, you, the landlord, could face a hefty legal bill and compensation payments.

Landlord insurance can cover these costs, giving you peace of mind.

Loss of Rent

There might be situations where your property becomes uninhabitable. Perhaps due to a fire or significant repairs. During these periods, you might lose out on rent. A good landlord insurance policy can cover this loss.

Damage to Property and its Contents

We’ve all heard those nightmarish tales where tenants cause significant damage, right? Well, landlord insurance can cover not only the building but also the contents you provide, like furniture or appliances.

Customized Coverage

One of the beauties of landlord insurance is that you can tailor it. Need coverage for a garden or a swimming pool? It’s possible. It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering a custom dish, exactly how you like it.

Now, I stumbled upon a few reviews about landlord insurance, and I won’t name names, but let’s just say that not all insurers offer the same level of service or product. That’s where RSM Tasmania, your friendly local insurance broker comes into play. We help sift through the noise and guide you to the best possible choice for your property and needs.

Being a new landlord is much like starting any new adventure. The beginning is filled with excitement, and anticipation, but also a tinge of uncertainty. Think of landlord insurance as your trusty compass, guiding you safely through the often unpredictable world of property rentals.

And just before we wrap this up, let’s touch upon the broader housing picture.

Governments are constantly looking for ways to improve the housing and homelessness situation. This indicates the immense responsibility on the shoulders of landlords.

By safeguarding your investment with landlord insurance, you’re not just protecting your pocket but also ensuring a continuous, safe, and stable housing solution for others.

In conclusion, while the wind of uncertainty might blow now and then, with landlord insurance, you’ve got a sturdy umbrella to keep you dry.

And remember, “It’s not about the challenges we face, but how we prepare and respond to them.”


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