A Milestone for Tasmanian Sport

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This week, we’re taking a moment away from our regular task as information providers to celebrate a historic milestone in Tasmanian sport. The unveiling of the Tasmania Devils as the AFL’s 19th team marks an exciting chapter not only for local football enthusiasts but for the entire state.

The AFL CEO, Andrew Dillon, expressed the significance of this launch, highlighting the long-awaited desire for Tasmania to have its own team in the national competition. This development promises to be a community connector, bringing together Tasmanians from all corners of the state to support their team​​.

The Tasmania Devils, a name rich in local heritage and fervently supported across the community, has been officially chosen for the team. This decision comes after constructive dialogues with Warner Bros, ensuring that Tasmania can celebrate its iconic mascot without hindrance.

The team will don the state’s traditional myrtle green, primrose yellow, and rose red colours, featuring a map of Tasmania and a prominent ‘T’ on their foundation jumper​​​​.

This landmark occasion was also marked by the AFL signing commitments with the Tasmanian Government, supporting the construction of a 23,000-seat roofed stadium at Macquarie Point, ensuring a home for our team that matches our ambitions​​.

As the local insurance broker Tasmania has enjoyed for over 15 years, we have a heap of experience in, and knowledge of, the Tasmanian market.

RSM Tasmania understands the significance of local pride and community spirit. The Tasmania Devils are more than just a team; they represent our collective aspirations, resilience, and the shared joy of Tasmanians.

This experience also gives us a strong understanding of Tasmanian business which allows us to offer insurance cover that is specific to each individual customers needs.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Tasmania Devils and look forward to supporting them as they embark on this thrilling journey. Let’s unite behind our team and showcase the best of Tasmania together.

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