The Essential Armour In every Toolbox

Have you ever heard of a knight stepping into battle without his trusty armour? A comedian walking onto a stage without his best punchlines?

Just as dangerous is a tradesperson stepping onto a worksite without their shield of insurance! This might seem a bit dramatic, but as a tradie, be you a plumber, builder, carpenter or electrician, you know that your working day can be no less of a battlefield.

Let’s talk about public liability insurance. It’s like the mighty sword in your insurance arsenal. For some tradies, it’s compulsory, especially if your project slips over budget. And rightly so!

With Public Liability by your side, you’ll be able to face that menacing dragon of unexpected mishaps. It will save your bacon if you accidentally ding someone or something, avoiding the potential costs of medical bills, legal fees, or repair costs.

The price tag on a pipe bursting open at the wrong time could be worth a King’s ransom!

But, you know, insurance is not just about tackling mishaps. Having insurance can be your invisible cloak of credibility in the marketplace. Like a secret handshake, it tells your clients, “If the unexpected happens, I’ve got your back!”

Just as our heroic knight could not dash off to fight for the fair lady without his shining broadsword, every tradie has their indispensable tools. If they were to be pilfered from a worksite, a storage unit, or the back of your vehicle, how could you rescue the situation and save the day?

Fear not, because tool insurance has got you covered. It is a magical amulet that can summon a new set of tools, enabling you to bounce back and finish the job.

Now, just as every knight has his valiant warhorse, the tradie has a trusty ute (although they tend not to be Valiants these days).

You may think about saving a few dollars by omitting to mention its work-related role when talking to your insurer. But imagine being in the heat of battle (work) and finding out your steed isn’t covered under your policy. Nightmare, right?

Some insurance policies even consider your vehicle’s add-ons when assessing its replacement value, which can be quite a boon.

Did we mention a sneaky enemy named ‘Loss of Income’?

Worksite hazards, illnesses, or even a rogue ladder can keep you from the battlefield, with no sick leave to cushion the fall. But don’t worry, that’s where income protection insurance strides in, like a trusty squire, ensuring that your coffers are still filled even if you can’t work for a while.

Of course, the best scenario is not having to play the insurance card at all. According to the wise folk at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, you can reduce your risks by learning to lift with care (24% of accidents!), keeping your worksite tidy (17% of injuries!), and staying aware of your surroundings. They don’t make safety glasses just to make you look smart, after all!

When it comes to safeguarding your livelihood, it’s crucial to have the right insurance cover. But fear not, brave tradies, for like a seasoned mentor, RSM Tasmania is here to guide you through this maze.

They’ll help tailor the best protection for you, ensuring you’re prepared for whatever the tradies world throws your way.

Now, you can go forth and conquer, knowing you’re well shielded by your trusted insurance protection!

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